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Beiarn is a small town in Norway. It is a hidden town in the mountains, not very far from Tromsø. 39 412 people live in this town, though most of them are dead. The living population, around 5.24 people, have built a Nuclear power plant. This power plant is powering 90% of Norways computers (there are around 10 of them, most of them used by cows and playboy bunnies in Beiarn).

Geographic location[edit]

Nobody knows exactly where Beiarn is. The Oslo Explorers' Club believe it's located in the mountain range named Dovrefjell, just south of Tromsø. But expeditions to the region failed to find the town. Nobody can find it; nobody knows if it exists at all. There is no road to or from Beiarn. If you ded get there in the first place you would never get back.

Think about it: Where are Amelia Earhart, Judge Crater, and Jimmy Hoffa?

Beiarn, that's where.

That's why there still is 5.24 people living in Beiarn. (Nobody has yet discovered why and how they came there in the first place).

There is no seaway either, because the sea does not reach so high in the mountains.


There is still 39 412 people in Beiarn, though 39 407 of them are still dead. The 5 alive people are still trying to figure a way to get out of there, but haven't found any yet.

The only people in Beiarn who do not try to leave are in fact the Cows. They love their big nuclear power plant powering their computers. They recently discovered an open wireless network in their neighbourhood, giving them the possibility of communicating with cows and sheeps from all over the world. (But, their intelligence was not high enough to ask for help to find a way out of Beiarn). In fact, the most brainbreaking thing they can do, is to play The game Moolander. But they hate The game Minimuncher, understandably enough!