Why?:Masturbate to that one chick from Mythbusters

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Why should you masturbate to that one chick from Mythbusters?

Why not?

She's a miracle[edit]

She's a woman. Who does science. As we all know, this is suspension of reality. Tits + rockets = Nipples in the stratosphere. Boobs in the sky. B-Cups in the clouds. Without gravity, imagine how they would look.

She wears plaid[edit]

It's like a lumberjack, without all the disgusting hair on the chin. With a vagina. Who wouldn't want to fuck any of the members of Monty Python?

She's "one of the guys"[edit]

So it's like being gay without all the namecalling. Sounds perfect, right?

She likes to blow things up[edit]

If she can blow up a car that efficiently, imagine what she can do with fellatio.


I came.