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These blocks are not the topic of this article, but they are evil in much the same way: they are a method of having fun.

So you've just got yourself blocked. You didn't do anything wrong: a sensible, upstanding person like you could never do anything wrong; but that pesky admin is cross with you for breaking one of his stupid, imaginary rules. You keep asking yourself What have I done to deserve this?, and contemplating suicide because you have been deemed a worthless member of society[1] and you are temporarily unable (but, of course, it feels like forever) to edit the wiki of your choosing and thus occupy the time you would otherwise be spending on the unbearable torture known as 'having a life'. You may be wondering why this happened to you even though you obviously meant no harm. The answer is simple: admins, particularly the one who blocked you, believe that blocking users is fun.

Why is blocking users fun?[edit]

For a mentally healthy person, it's not. Admins, however, are notoriously afflicted with various mental disorders, and many, if not most, of them are overly selfish.[2]

You may be aware that those who get into power often do so for selfish motives or become corrupted. One might expect those in power to be selfless and willing to sacrifice everything to the common good, but unfortunately they are not; such people tend to be oppressed by the strong and selfish. The strong who take advantage of the weak often commit the sin of pride in their success. Among admins, this pride is frequently demonstrated by shiny boxes and long lists on their user page detailing their many editorial and administrative exploits. That is bad enough, but even worse is that they are so proud and selfish that they enjoy crushing the little people. What else could explain their pride? They may be successful, but they are not working for the common good, unlike you and your fellow peons; therefore, it cannot be the common good that drives them, but the joy of evil success.

Why are pride and success evil?[edit]

Those who are successful owe an apology to those who are not. The moral ideal is for each to give according to his ability and receive according to his need; the men of ability should give away the fruits of their success to the men of inability, not keep them for themselves and certainly not expect any payment in return. They do not need them as much as those who are inferior to them. Another part of that moral ideal is for everyone to be equal, and that is impossible when some are more successful than others. Instead of being allowed to be successful, they should be punished for their ability by being forced to sacrifice their values to those who lack value. That is how a truly moral, ideal society works, just like the welfare system. Unfortunately, the society you have found yourself banished from is primitive and barbarous: it rewards the men of ability and allows them to rise to positions of power and take advantage of the weak and incompetent.

What should be done about this?[edit]

Ideally, the administration would be overthrown and a new system of governance would be set up that gave the men of ability the punishment they deserved; however, wikis are so capitalist and piggy that such a thing is extremely difficult, not to mention impossible, to pull off. It's much easier to just move to Soviet Russia. (Assuming you can figure out how to time travel, that is.)


  1. Never mind that said 'society' only has a few hundred people in it. It's the only one that really matters.
  2. Some would consider that, too, to be a mental illness.