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The *SPAM*PHRASE: is the now preferred method of relaying "unformation" to the student body of Wheeling Jesuit University. Since regular emails constitute a violation of the Crimethink Laws of 1973 the administration was forced to use spam mail so that they didn't break their own laws and by extension, negate their entire existence. A team was formed in early 2002 by Lundius Superbus consisting of a Bear from the colony, Brian Peppers, a fern, and 2 people missing their frontal lobes. By late 2004 the team had reach a predictable end. The bear had mauled the 2 people missing their frontal lobes and run off with the fern, leaving Brian Peppers to complete the project. Spam was selected as the ideal vehicle for conveying information and accordingly at the start of 2005-2006 academic year Cardinal Online was closed and all relevant student information was encoded in *S_p4M* format and distributed through a 56k modem. Since then, students have completely disregarded all emails from the administration as "completely f***ing useless."


In more recent times the emails from the administration have been used in many drinking game where the participants down a beer for every spelling error or grammatical mistake they find. The game has fallen off slightly in popularity as local stores run out of beer or those playing succumb to "blood in the alcohol stream syndrome" and die.