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Big Wheeling Creek is an unimportant waterway in Wheeling, West Virginia. Occasionally, Big Wheeling Creek bursts its britches and floods nearby areas, making people very angry. However, when people try to exact revenge on Big Wheeling Creek, all it does is send an army of ducks to cover the oppositions residence in all of nature's glory. Big Wheeling Creek's only man-made enemy is The Back Gate, an insidious creation that calls Wheeling Jesuit University its home. Despite its name, there is no "Small Wheeling Creek". That would be stupid.

Legend has it that every 5,000 years, Big Wheeling Creek will overflow with beer. Any truth to this legend remains to be seen.

It was also used as a secret base by covert forces of the Soviet Navy. They were destroyed in 1988 by Prince Coxar.


The powerful radiation constantly emitted by Big Wheeling Creek is held as a possible explanation for the unusually high number of superhumans concentrated at nearby Wheeling Jesuit University. Indeed, superpowered beings such as Pelikan and The Rhapsodist can trace the origins of their powers back to this location. As viable as this theory sounds, the fact that most people die when exposed to Big Wheeling Creek's waters seem to indicate that these powers are not due to Big Wheeling Creek but rather merely triggered by it.