Werner (Ambiguation)

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Werner could mean several things, among them:

Although this is not likely. However, there are a great many pages here, and who's to say in this workaday world what you're really looking for?

We are certain that you're looking for an article. An article with words. Those words may contain letters, or not, in the case of -- --- .-. ... . / -.-. --- -.. .. But, either way, it is pertinent to linguistics on a basic scale.

Perhaps you seek enlightenment. This is not likely.

While we distracted you, your search returned several results.

Werner could mean:

  • Werner Heisenberg, the notable host of the hit German show Tanzfest mit Werner Heisenberg, and, less notably, physicist.
  • Werner Herzog, yodeler, and man with many underwritten pages dedicated to him.
  • Werner von Braun, legendary "poopyhead" and idol of many 6-year-olds.

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