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The term vice can mean many things. Some of them are listed here. For legal reasons, not all meanings of the term have been listed.

  • A vice is an adjustable surface-mounted clamp. It is illegal to place your own head in a vice in Argentina, but it's okay if it's someone else's. Particarly if they are of an opposing political view. One of the most popular vice manufacturer is Miami Tools Ltd, whose CEO seems to be stuck in the 1980s.
  • Vice is the generic police term for Naughty Things. In this context, Vice has subcategories of
  • Naughty Things we do
  • Naughty Things we'd like to do
  • Naughty Things we've seen done
  • Naughty Things someone told us about
  • Naughty Things we're not going to let you do
  • Vice is a freely distrubuted book written by Christopher Morris.
  • Vice is an optional way of pronouncing 'Mice' if you have a billiard ball in your mouth.
  • Vice is the first part of Vice-Versa.
  • Vice Crispies is a popular breakfast cereal.
  • Vice is a first name in Croatia.
  • Vice is a magazine famously depicted in the Nathan Barley documentary serial.

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