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A small, close-up picture of someone's butt. Censors decided to cut it to the size of a letter, to protect the children. Must not be confused with a cleavage.


Y2K stands for "Yet, 2sdays Kill" and was a catastrophic calamity that occurred in 2000. In the late 20th Century, only the last two digits of years were stored in computers. For some reason, this failed to prevent Tuesdays (abbreviated "2sdays") from killing random and innocent civilians. No one anticipated this and so they were totally unprepared for what was to come. Except for those who went out and stocked up on bottled water in preparation. Those people were prepared.

The good side of Y2K: It gave Peter Gibbons a reason to be hired by Initech and all Office Space fans are very happy about that. It also gave the media something to bitch about on slow news days.

Y2K is not to be confused with MBA. No one ever does because they have nothing to do with each other.


One of the most ridiculous words in the English language. Though spelled as though it should rhyme with 'thatched' it's actually pronounced 'concertina'. It refers to the soft underbelly of a household cat. If you want to know about yachts, hang out in doctor's waiting rooms. Copies of Which Fucking Yacht, Which PDA and Which Small Caribbean Country are always available to make you feel small.

Alphabetical Order[edit]

The arrangement of words, phrases, names, and anything else made up of the twenty-nine characters (letters) in the English alphabet, in a precise order. The order was created by kindergarteners who decided to write a song arranging these letters in a specific order (the phrase "Now I know my ABC's. Next time won't you sing with me?" was later added by kindergarten teachers who thought their students weren't smart enough to memorize the song without that playful ending). That order is decided by taking the first letter in every word and arranging them in the order they are arranged in in the song. If these letters happen to be the same, then you proceed to the second letter, etc. For some reason, blank spaces come before "A," and punctuation and numbers are allowed into the order. All words in the English language can be found in perfect alphabetical order in a common dictionary.


A UNIX tool to compile Yaks


A shout of excitement about bad email service.


A large, hairy, cow-like animal that lives in the Himalayas and talks too much, mainly to Yetis.


The word 'jam' - in Swedish. ALSO: "exist", in Popeye-speak.

Also mentioned in a song from the musical "Cabaret" about a wonderful sweet potato: "A yam, what a yam!"


Yamaha is a world renowned manufacturer of various products made entirely out of yams. Their best known product is the Yamaharley, the first motorcycle made from sweet potatoes. It has also been said that the first word out of the first japanese child ever was infact Yamaha. The Yamaphone was inventad in 1985. This is still the most sophisticated instrument made of root vegatables.


you should know, unless you are American that as the name implies, a yank is someone who really stretches your patience and/or sanity to breaking point. notice the similarity to "wank" see also idiots, tossers , wankers etc


Stories about men who look like women who like men who act like women, written by women who like women but want to be men.

Comes from the Japanese acronym "YAmete! Oshiri ga Itai!" meaning "Stop, my ass hurts."

See also: Shota


Yar- an exclamation, the definition ranging from:

  • Yes, by the way, I'm a pirate
  • You all are
  • Affirmative: ARRR


The reply that a drunken smoker may give to the question "Have you got a light, Mac?"


  1. n. a small ship found around the coast of the southern states of the USA.
  2. Collective noun for a large assembly of people as in "How are yawl?"


Campaign slogan for former cheerleader, now exiled president George Bush, as made famous in the 2005 roadmovie "On Them Ole Campaign Trail Again." Now a common colloquial term when addressing rodents and the like.


  1. Japanese motor cycle.
  2. Sounds like "A little bit of bread & no cheese"

Yellow Jacket[edit]

Required clothing when riding a Yellowhammer

Yellow Snow[edit]

Yellow snow is a property of winter expressed by the following expression, where x = litres of yellow snow and y = personal objections

  • Never eat Yellow Snow

Frank Zappa Song.

Yellow Submarine[edit]

A. A movie created by a four person band called The Beatles.

B. A song created by a four person band called The Beatles.

C. An antique submarine which gets more yellow by the day.

Antonym: Purple Aeroplane.


A type of currency used exclusively in Japan. Exchange rates include:


Yes does not automatically necessarily mean not-no, as in the affirmative response. Try asking your girlfriend if she's okay after she's been sulking for an hour. Believe me, she'll say yes but she sure as shit won't mean it. In this particular case, it means, 'Oh fuck off, you selfish bastard.' Or, when used with yes means no and no means yes, can be made to mean whatever the hell the torturer feels like. Now try asking if she wants it up the arse. No means no now, don't it? Do it anyway because how else is she going to learn?)


The arch-enemy of James Bond's arch-enemy, Doctor No.


n. a blind Sasquatch from the Himalayas.


n. A kind of cheese made in Afghanistan


  1. A short curt greeting, preferred by the lazy and those who are quite frugal with syllables.
  2. A famous cellist after an horrendous bisection accident.
  3. A child's toy after an horrendous bisection accident.

Yo Blair![edit]

Riposte to another when you do not believe what they have just told you.


The contents of a sandwich which, despite being unidentifiable by anything short of DNA-testing, remains sufficiently tasty enough to eat.


  1. A small alien that sounds like a Muppet.
  2. An english greeting originating in Only Fools and Horses (classic British sitcom). Normally has Boy added onto the end, for example: Yodelboy


The habit of taking a nap in a very uncomfortable position. Very fashionable among the intellectual upper class.


v. to remove the yellow part of an egg.


An outrageously cute Polish nurse at Lancaster Royal Infirmary in Lancaster, Lancashire. That's in England, in case anyone cares.


Some place that sounds like Yorkshire but (unlike Yolante, Yorkshire and Lancashire) isn't in England.


The property of pertaining to Yorksia.


The act of pertaining to Yorksia.

You Are Different And That Is Bad[edit]

A popular children's book concerning puberty.


Youghurt is milk inside some jam, and tastes terrible. There are several types of youghurt, like:

  • Fruitbomb-youghurt - A dangerous youghurt with some nitroglyserin inside. Its dangerous, cause over 6 million people had died to explosions inside their mouths.
  • Sour-youghurt - Really bad-tasting. If you drink this youghurt, after that, you cannot taste anything. Its so sour.


You lose your milk teeth, then your milk eyes, then your milk brain. I'm 47 and my Milk Brain still hasn't fallen out.


Yourmumium is a disappointingly common element, found usually doing cooking, cleaning, and other activities in my pants. Unfortunately, though these activities are strenuous at times, Yourmumium remains immensely fat (and ugly).

Your Mom[edit]

A filthy beast who preys on your father's crotch. Your source of milk that keeps you alive. The one you ask to show her boobs and she does.(Make sure she's hot!)


Hello hello


This is the card game where you must kill, normally using monsters (like your mum!!!), each other until your life points reach 0 or your game is interrupted by giant mutant chickens. Means "Steal the Americans' Money" in English.


A chant for hungry Buddhists. 'Yummmmmmmmmmm...' etc.