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For those obsessed with experts, Uncyclopedia has an article about: Aardvark.


aardvark (plural aardvarks)

  1. A medium sized insectivore with protruding nasal implement. (I thought that was a bee?) But don't tell them that, it makes them get pissed. Also occasionally called anteater, but this is politically incorrect. An aardvark of note was Ethel, who was known for quantity surveying.
  2. Term used by redneck describing copulation with treestump.
  3. A Streetwise Vark.
  4. A nickname for the F-111 fighter-bomber, although I couldn't imagine something as small as an aardvark dropping bombs. Maybe that's why they call them pigs as well. A pig dropping bombs is not a fun sight, although depending on the way you interpret that, it actually could be.