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Idle Admin hands are the Devil's plaything. This page gives bored Admins, and those waiting for a good cold-cocking by the Muse, something to keep them busy in the meantime.

Four types of tag attached to an article implore the reader to improve the quality of the article within a set period of time. The bored Admin can pass the time, and put teeth into the threat as well, by huffing articles that continue to be crap after the period has run out. Please attack the articles oldest-first, and check the history to make sure that the author did indeed drop this load on Uncyclopedia then wander away entirely.

Often, a newbie's botched elaboration of a perfectly fine concept can inspire the bored Admin. Do not insist on giving these articles the painful death they deserve, if your editing experience could transform them into decent Uncyclopedia articles.

Check weekly

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Check monthly

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Check occasionally

List of pages tagged with {{VFH}}, but not on VFH. Pages tagged {{VFD}}, but not linked from VFD

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If still bored

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