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Look! This page is better with an image. Even this photo!!

Uncyclopedia articles are better if they contain images. They more closely resemble Wikipedia articles, supporting the global gag that this is an authoritative website like Wikipedia; they make the page more appealing to the eye, and the content of the image and its caption are additional places to tell jokes! However: pornographic/shock/gore images (including frontal nudity), if not VITAL to a REAL comedy strategy, may be deleted without warning. The goal is to amuse the reader, not amuse yourself by making the reader uncomfortable! If you persist, you will be blocked from uploading.

How to upload

To upload, you must get an illustration onto your device, then transfer ("upload") it to Uncyclopedia using the form at Special:Upload. However...

Do you need to upload?

There may be an image already available, in which case you don't need to upload.

  • If you see an image in someone else's article you would like to use, you needn't ask permission; just click on it, to go to its File: page, and specify its name in your article.
  • If you see an image at Wikipedia, go to its File: page, specify it by name, and anyone who reads your article will automatically get the image from WikiMedia Commons, because Uncyclopedia has InstantCommons enabled.
  • If you click on one of the Categories at the bottom of an article, you will see a report with a list of relevant articles and images. Those are also available for anyone's use.
  • You can look at the upload log for images uploaded recently. Other useful reports are the list of all uploaded images, the MIME search, or the most linked images.
  • Here are some existing formatting images you might use instead: blank 1x1 pixel | blank white square/rectangle/portrait | black dot/square.

What to upload

Special:Upload lists all the valid upload formats (file extensions). Here are the formats we prefer:

Content Preferred format How to refer to them in your article
Photographs JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) See Help:HowTo § Images
Drawings and icons .png
Sounds and narrations .mp3 or .ogg
(NOT .wav)
See Help:HowTo § Media

Be helpful

When uploading:

  • If the desired filename on Uncyclopedia is not the same as the name on your device, use the optional "Destination filename:" field. Give your new image a brief but descriptive name (not a name that's so cryptic that you think no one else will stumble on it). If uploading a thumbnail that starts with something like 250px-, the new name doesn't need to retain that part.
  • Write a complete description of the image. Other people can search the File: space and find your image based on the words in your description.
  • Specify a COPYRIGHT STATUS. We tend to look the other way if you simply steal images, but say where you swiped it from, preferably with a URL (hint: if it wasn't from Google Images, right-click the image to use "Copy Link", then paste that URL into the upload summary. Google Images URLs are useless).
    • If you don't know the copyright status, use {{Unknown license}} or just leave the license field blank. That's still better than an incorrect tag.
    • If you made the image yourself, you can pick the license; if you are uploading someone else's image, you don't get to pick a new one.

New versions

You can use an image's File: page to upload a new version of an existing image. That page lists all the articles that use the image. The change you make will be reflected in all those articles. Your change must be suitable for all the articles. If it is not, use Special:Upload to upload your image under a new name, and let the other articles continue to use the old image. If your change vandalizes all the articles, you will be banned from editing.

Made a mistake?

If you upload an image and then find you don't need it, it's not a problem! But please list it at QVFD to get an Admin to delete it.

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