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Imagine. Write. Record.

The UnTunes section was created so that articles made of sound would not be restricted by the rules for articles made of words. Here, noisy things can live and prosper, as long as they're funny. . . In a nutshell, this is what it's about:

  • This area is for audio based contributions, but this does NOT include audio for UnNews, UnBooks, or any other UnSpecified or otherwise UnIdentified space. Those should go with the text they're performed from.
    • This area IS for things with more aural content than words, so the length is not judged by the amount of text on the page, but by the length of the presentation. Theoretically, you could contribute a hilarious instrumental or soundscape selection, and link the .ogg or .mp3 to an otherwise empty page, however:
  • It is recommended that you put some effort into the presentation people see in their browser. Just as people will pay more money to eat at a place where the chef cooks at their table, presentation will earn you brownie points with your audience. A picture or two, and some notes, perhaps. Maybe a bit about the purported "artist" or the circumstances under which it was supposedly produced.
  • How to be funny and not just stupid still applies here. The "penispenispenis" song had better be frickin' lethally funny, or it'll get huffed like a 2 day-old kitten.
  • The request lines are open!
  • Some basic Tutorials have been posted, and a FAQ has been started. They will evolve.
  • Other stuff what ain't been thunk up yet. There will be: A request page, some how-tos geared to audio, features, awards, and more, as the content exponentially multiplies.