UnScripts:The cannibal, the necrophile and the coprophagist

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It's a. . .[edit]

The three men seen mutilating and sodomizing the female corpse. The Necrophile (Center), The Cannibal (Right) and the Coprophagist (Background)

. . .cold and misty winter night in a small isolated Midwest town. The three freaks who just arrived in town are walking down the empty main street in trenchcoats. The only sounds that can be heard are the distant howling of the wolves, the barking of a dog and treading of the three men's boots. The three men reach the cemetary from where whaling wailing can be heard. It abruptly stops as the three men open the cemetary gate. A shadow moves in the mist.

CL: Fresh food!
CP: Holy fuck, I'm afraid. It could be a ghost or something.
CL: Shut up. If it moves, I can eat it.
NP: And if it doesn't, I can fuck it. Get it? Haha!

Awkward silence

CL: ... Where did he go?
NP: He?! The wailing didn't sound like a he.
CL: There she is!

The three men corner the lady. She screams for help, but the only help she gets is a stab in her throat. She falls dead in a second.

NP: Before you start, let me fuck her cold cunt.
CL: No. Not now, not ever. (brutally sticks a knife in the dead girl's neck, slowly severing the head off the corpse) Take the head and have a headjob... And don't throw it away, I need the brains, they taste good.
CP: And me?
CL: Ok, eat her shit.. But make it quick.

The necrophile moans in pleasure as the dead bleeding lips stroke his penis. The coprophagist sticks his mouth in the beheaded corpse's anus sucking the feces out of it. The cannibal cuts off a breast, drinks the dripping blood then consumes it raw. Then he cuts open the corpse from the neck and down to the crotch, and starts the disembowling. He tastes every organ he finds, and throws away the bits that he doesn't find tasty.

CP: I'm done here. But, ehh, I'm not full yet. Can I drink her chyme?
CL: (cuts out a chunk of her digestive tract) Ok.. But through the esophagus or the intestines, we don't want goo all over the place.
NP: I'm done with the head, let me have the cunt.
CL: (chewing on the liver) Shut up. I'm not done with the liver yet. Stick your cock up her jagular till I finish.

Several minutes later...

CL: I'm done. Give me the head and have the cunt.
NP: Ok, just give me the knife, I've always wanted to fuck someone with a knife.

The cannibal smashes the head with a hammer, like a pumpkin, rips out the brain and devours it.The necrophile cuts open her vagina, then her anus. Then he sticks his cock up the bloody mess he just created. Several minutes later, the necrophile osgasms, he cums blood.

NP: I'm done here. Let's go.
CL: (dismembering the corpse) Just one last thing, I'll take a limb or two to eat on the go.

The three men bury the remains of the corpse, and head back to town. The cannibal bites off a finger from the arm he's carrying in his right hand. He's holding a leg in the other one. The three men are all stained with blood, chyme and feces, and their stench is unbearable.

CL: (handing the severed limbs to the coprophagist) Hold up here, I need to take a piss.. I'll go on that wall, just hold these limbs for a minute.
CP: (holding the torn limbs) Pissing by the side of the road?! Eww! That's just gross.