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The Movie about making a movie about making a movie, was a Stanley Kubrick directed film for his series of movies featuring recursion that make little sense. The commentary was done between him and Albert Broccoli.


Kubrick: Okay, we begin in my car over here.

Albert: Yes we do.

Kubrick: You can see me turn the key I got in the mail from that Ford contest.

Albert: I'm right next to Kubrick here.

Kubrick: Yes you are.

Albert: At this point we see you stepping on the pedal.

Kubrick: If you look closely you can see me driving several miles over the speed limit.

Albert: Yes you were.

Kubrick: Okay, we're pulling into the studio here filming the car of the director representing me and Al filming another representation of me and Al.

Albert: Quite.

Kubrick: We're now on foot moving to the studio.

Albert: You can see that Jimmy the sound man has an unsteady hand here.

Kubrick: That Jimmy, always with the Parkinsons.

Albert: He is quite a card.

Kubrick: Oh, here's the part where we're preparing the cameramen for the scene where we have the scene of the cameraman filming Tom Cruise.

Albert: Bill the cameraman was always bitching. You can see him do that here.

Kubrick: I know films are supposed to be dramatic, but this is a documentary and so there is no excuse for being a whiny little bitch.

Albert: Quite.

Kubrick: Okay, he's filming the scene of the scene with Johnny the sound manager. He's losing his touch with his Alzheimer's and all.

Albert: Yesterday I heard he tried to eat the boom mic because he thought it was a lolipop.

Kubrick: Yes he did.

Albert: It wasn't planned that Bill would smash his camera into Tom's face in this scene.

Kubrick: Luckily security took care of his asshattery right...here.

Albert: Quite.

Kubrick: If you look behind the greenscreen the cameramen are behind you can see a man in a fly costume.

Albert: Why was he there in the first place?

Kubrick: Indeed.

Albert: Here's where we film the scene where Tim the cameraman is fired.

Kubrick: Well, at least he was acting unlike Bill.

Albert: Quite.

Kubrick: If you look to the left in this scene you can see us recording our commentary.

Albert: I wonder why we're doing this now.

Kubrick: Indeed.

Albert: Do people even listen to us talk about this?

Kubrick: I don't quite know. I know I always use it to stuff up all the unused space on the DVD so we don't have to put in bloopers.

Albert: Indeed.

Kubrick: This is where we're going to record the commentary for the movie's movie.

Albert: Quite.

Kubrick: Indeed.

Albert: Yes he was.

Kubrick: Now here is the seen where Sean kicks Tom's ass offstage.

Albert: Sean's quite the man now dog.

Kubrick: Punch the teeth for God's sake!

Albert: Indeed.

Kubrick: Do you think that anyone would still be listening to this?

Albert: Probably not.

Kubrick: Lets stop commentating.

Albert: Indeed.

Kubrick: Is this thing still on?

Albert: Quite.

Kubrick: Where's the damn off button?

Albert: Indeed.

Kubrick: Oh, come on now, Albert, this is getting quite silly, and redundant.

Albert: Quite, indeed.

Kubrick: Oh, there's the off button!

Albert: It's not off.

Kubrick: Then help me damn you!

Albert: You don't have to be so harsh, Stanley!

Kubrick: Don't call me Stanley, Broccoli!

Albert: Oh, it's on now!

Kubrick: Quite.

(A smashing is heard and the commentary stops)