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Concentration_Sixty-four Written by Thatswikitywikitywikitywak


(3:30 pm, we see 2 14 year old kids, Jim and Fred, playing a game of Concentration 64.)

Jim and Fred(Clapping along):


(Clap Clap Clap)


(Clap Clap Clap)

No repeats

(Clap Clap Clap)

No hesitations

(Clap Clap Clap)

Category is

(Clap Clap Clap)

(Note:Fred and Jim say the next 2 lines at the same time.)

Fred: Barnyard Animals

Jim: Colors

(They Stop Clapping)

Fred: What the heck man? I thought you said we were going with "Barnyard Animals"

Jim: No, I said we weren't going with "Barnyard Animals". There are only so many barnyard animals that we'll finish within 40 seconds. There are so many colors that we can go on and on for hours!

Fred: Okay, do you want to start again?

Jim: Let's just start at Category.

Both(While Clapping):

Category is

(Clap Clap Clap)


(Clap Clap Clap)

Jim: Red,Blue

(Clap Clap Clap)

Fred: Blue,Purple

(Clap Clap Clap)

Jim: Purple,Gray

(Clap Clap Clap)

Fred: Gray,Grey

Jim: Wait, wait, wait, stop, stop.

(They Stop Again)

Fred: What is your problem?

Jim: Can you repeat your last line?

Fred: Sure, Gray,Grey

Jim: Do you remember what we said before we started playing?

Fred: That we were going with-

Jim: I didn't say we were going with barnyard animals! I mean during the chant after "Concentration,clap clap clap,64,clap clap clap.

Fred: No hesitations? Because I did not hesi-

Jim: Dang it, Fred! Before that. No repeats. You just repeated gray. Does that Oral Contract mean nothing to you?

Fred: Dude you got it all wrong. Your "gray" was spelled -ay. Mine was -ey.

(Long Silence)

Jim: That has got to be the most moronic thing I've ever heard. It doesn't matter what spelling you use. It's still going to be the same color.

Fred: No man, -ey grey is 2 shades lighter.

(Another Long Silence)

Jim: I was mistaken. That is the most moronic thing I've ever heard. Besides I think -ey grey is like a name, as in "Grey's Anatomy".

Fred: I told you a million times, I don't have cable.

Jim: Forget it. Let's just go with another category.

Fred: Like Barnyard Animals?

Jim: Yes, barnyard animals.



(Clap Clap Clap)

64 (Clap Clap Clap)

No Repeats

(Clap Clap Clap)

No Hesitations

(Clap Clap Clap)

Category is

(Clap Clap Clap)

Barnyard Animals

(Clap Clap Clap)

Jim: Pig,Cow

(Clap Clap Clap)

Fred: Cow,Platypus

Jim: Okay, I'm going now. Good luck finding a new friend.

(Jim gets up to leaves)

Fred: Wait, no! I got a copy of Cool Runnings

Jim: No one likes that movie!

Fred: Well, in that case, GO! Leave right now!

Jim: Fine

(Jim exits)

The End