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BRSP do not fill.jpg
Разбітае Сэрца Пацана: Wall-E
From 2006 to current
Hometown Minsk
Genre(s) Trash-pop, Punk-rock
Members Sklep,
Julia & Maryna
Notable Single(s) Wall-e
Notable Album(s) Pink Sunset, Do Not Fill
Record Label Major Belorussian Label: West

Wall-E is a song from the album Do Not Fill by Belorussian RSP[1], a Minsk based Avante Guard ensemble.

...as jay-birds

Naked guys

The video is produced by Jokerman, and directed by Max Siry. Remarkably it was shot in one take. It serves as an existential complaint against the excess of the 80s. Lampooning and mocking several examples of 80s western pop culture, the video addresses the issue of how can I give you the bird, if I have no arms? But by flaunting, their birds, the men show with determination anything is possible.

Eff you[edit]

As the video starts, the obvious "Fuck you" is apparent. The Camera shows only the closeup of a fist, which eventually gives the camera the finger before widening the shot to include an armless man. This is when you realize the men are all completely nude. The first guy looks as if he is trying to show the armless man how to give the finger, who simply looks at his stumps in frustration before ducking out of the scene.

Cquote1.png 'if you can keep from getting distracted by all the dicks' Cquote2.png

Body paint[edit]

The band is wearing robo-corpse face make-up and body paint, with influences of KISS, Futurama's Bender as well as the namesake Wall-E. The full frontal male nudity does not seem to be an important part of the video, nor does the appearance of the armless man. The showgirls are dressed, in Goth inspired homages to Cyndi Lauper and 80s era Madonna. They perform their moves in the zombie style of Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Boys in the band[edit]

Meanwhile the boys in the band[2], oh my god I just got that, they mimic what appears to be Japanese naked man fan dance[3]. Their face make up now seems the Kabuki style - of course that was KISS's inspiration as well.

The girls take turns closeup to the camera lip syncing the words like "putting on the hits" also of the 80s. The brunette licks her lips like the lips in the opening of Rocky Horror Picture show.

Les girls[edit]

As the girls drag in a wading pool filled with soap suds, they shake their shoulders sexily and the armless man with a floaty comes out to take a bath. The blonde lovingly soaps up his hair, then the girls and the boys do an I'm a little tea pot dance, crossed with The Bird by The Time.

As many 80s references as are in this video, along with the obvious death imagery of the corpse make up and the zombie movements of the girls, clearly this video welcomes the death of 80s music. My god it has been 30 years already kids, lets move on. Or maybe Death to America. I need to watch this again.


The band is 4 guys and 2 showgirls. Sklep, George, Paul and Ringo, the girls Julia and Maryna. The armless man is a sound technician Andrei Zhukov, who has his own band Troica.

The guys are naked and none of the girls are. Totally CFNM. I mean unashamedly so. No effort to cover up their dicks. They flop around like small fishes. I mean small trout. Trouser trout sans trousers. They pelvic thrust in the air. They line up behind each other, they slap their asses. Oh the girl again, she slaps her ass as well, the other girl pushes up her boobs, but we see no nipples.


They're completely nude

You try to stay focused on the girls in the foreground, but the four guys in the back ground, cavorting like schoolboys in the gayest high-school musical ever. Just four floppy uncircumcised male members. Band Member's members? Turtleneck sweater wearing happy princes, out for a Sunday stroll. The choreography does much to keep the dicks swinging, but not one of them grows any wood. They are all flippy and floppy and badly in need of manscaping. Their mock train suggests a demonstration of dominance in the canine world. After the wading pool is dragged out the boys form a daisy chain of sorts each carrying a torch for something,maybe a flaming phallus?.


view here File:Разбитае сэрца пацана. Wall-e.


Nutshell review[edit]

In conclusion, 5 Stars this is an important film. Beyond the introduction of casual clown based full frontal, the message about the 80s is hammered home, if you can keep from getting distracted by all the dicks. I mean, they are moving and flying everywhere.


  1. Broken Heart Boys (roughly translated from Traslanka)'
  2. The Boys In The Band
  3. DJ Ozma Drinking Boyz (hide the penis dance) NSFW

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