UnPoetia:Song of the sea pirates

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Then sang Captain Mosey and the crew of Lasagne this song unto the Flying Spaghetti Monster:
Ahoy, O sky lubber of high above!
Your noodles beyond measure, full of love!
A Flying Spaghetti Monster who's of war!
The foe is sunk, their boat is broke an' tore!
The sea did swallow wood (like your mother)!
Thy noodle crush our foes; thy sauce smother!
In Soviet Russia, noodle consumes you!
Ahoy! The roses are red, thy sauce is too!
The foe did say "We shall get those pirates,
we shall get spoil, we'll eat, we'll see some tits!"
But breasts of crew were not bore; Loss avast!
Thy noddle appendage show the light be cast!
The Caribbean doth tremble; Fearing mess!
They wear their rags; But we don suits an' dress!
Thy noddliness bring us land an' prizes!
Thy noodliness bring us great surprises!
The Flying Spaghetti Monster reigns! R'amen.