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The humble calculator.

I'm a calculator calculating numerals and fractions,
Although I am a calculator I do no other actions,
Though I am smart and logical,
I'm not at all philosophical,
I do not have the will at all,
To do non-mathematical interactions.

Calculating calculations is my only function,
To use me any other way would be mental interruption,
My only goal is to create,
Equations to substantiate,
Polynomials to evaluate,
Or finding electric potential in a p-n junction.

Though many think of me only as a tool for math equations,
Math lovers see me as a bulky box of infatuation,
It's a to feel this way,
We'll stay together come what come may,
We won't add our hearts to nostalgic dismay,
Together in love, no explanation.

Our hearts will intertwine like two parabolas quadratic,
Our affections, they will multiply like pigeons in an attic,
Don't leave me here to die,
If you do I'll pout and cry,
These emotions, I don't know why,
Are causing an unexpectedly incredible panic.