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Satan commands you to bow down to this peom known to be the late, great Black Sabbath! YEAH!!!!!!!!

The day when the devil controls the anemically-minded christian people

Oh yes, Judgment Day! A way to feel gitty about torturing them all for no true reason

When the Devil overthrows the hand of God with his all mighty fists

And forcing those pathetic simpletins them to drink their own blood

Scarfing down their own AND eachothers insides

Until their lives are dried up and done

And they have all died!

All for the Grim Reaper to collect their souls in his pink purse soul bag

Otherwise known as the thresholds of the dead

Welcome all you absolute-being worshippers to the lovely anti-christ Curch of Satan

Be sure to bring all of your possesions to the black shaded altar

And give it to my good ol' unjolly friend, Satan

Regardless if it's jewlrey, diamonds, wedding ring, I don't give a great big fuck

Just bring it to the altar!

Orelse the barones of evil shal give you a great big rupture in the nuts

You big ol' dick!

Please take your seats in the comfy (so comfy, you won't be able to get out of) chairs

And turn your Satanic Bible to pages 51 and 52

To sing a stanza from the band Black Sabbath. The song, Black Sabbath

What is this that stands before me?
Figure in black which points at me

Turn around quick, and start to run

Find out that I'm the chosen one

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay then, close the book people. And DON'T even think about escaping the confy chairs

Now tis' the time to fall prey to his unbreakable powers, and kiss his big, giant, colosal ass

Tell him a rascist joke to pass the time (Hitler jokes are acceptable)

That is, unless if you're willing to be a nice, delicious carcass,

Dinner for Satan's whenever he watches the NHL Baseballgame on Sunday

So just be sure to pray to him, Oh please just pray

According to the Evil Prophecies, we must all participate in the sinister dance of all ages

And yes, the game is called Twister

The ultimate game even for the demonic, angel slayers

This should be interesting


Put you left hands to your butts and legs to the faces

And don't you dare shed any tears, you stupid gays

Do it wrong, and you shall be eaten by Satan and his crackets he just bought at the Pet store

Or Satan relentlessley burning you with no remorse

It's so fucking easy so stop complaining

For your pathetic cries mean NOTHING to Satan, nor me

Now then, left butt red and let up the Devil Horns

The symbol of the unholy satanic Devil & his Demons in hords

I can only see one.. two... three... six horns up out of 30, a disrespect to the number 666

And for that defiance, the 26 of you shall be eaten by the crackets

Okay, now is the time to see which people get to live another day

Or tragically die, falling to their graves

All right Satan! Shoot the ones that you hate!

POOH-POOH! Looks like Kenny got killed. (You bastards! BOOOM! They're dead, too.)

PIUH-PIUH-PIUH! And Barney adds to the casualty as well.

Well, he's done killing the people he hates

Now run along, and enjoy the rest of the day

Black Sabbath