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Welcome to Alaska...It's a destination, we swear![edit]

Alaska...not much to see here, apart from trees. You might as well be in Oregon. But what the hey, we have valuable time to waste, and so do you.

Made a mistake, took a wrong turn? (In Alaska? You're a long way from the main land my friend...) May I suggest you drive back, get a brain and select your 'real' location at UnBooks:UnRoadMap.

Select Your Location![edit]

Yes, Alaska is separated into 'boroughs', and no, this is not England. But they do wear lederhosens!!

Huh? Reference Number State/Borough/Whatyoucallit
AK 02 Alaska
Reference Number Borough Name
013 Atlantians East Borough (Sandy Point)
020 Municipality of Anchorage Station
060 Bristle Bay Borough (Tic-Tak)
068 Denali Borough (Healies)
090 Fairbanks North and South Stary Sun Point Borough (Fairbanks)
110 City and Borough of June Bugs
122 Kenai Peninsula Borough and City Squares (Soldotnacomnet)
130 Ketchikan Stargate Borough (Ketchikan)
150 Kodak Camera Borough (USB Drive)
164 Lake and Peninsula Borough (Mmm...Salmon)
170 Matanuska-Susitna Borough (Palmex Corporation Presents - Palmer)
185 South Slope Borough (Burrow)
188 Southeast Arctic Borough (Kotzebuoy)
220 City and Borough of Seska
282 City and Borough of Yaklikeyoutalk
Reference Number 1A-2B-3C Census areas in the Unorganized Borough (what?):
016 Atlantians West Census Area
050 Beth's Very Own Census Area
070 Drillingham Census Area
180 Homeland Security Census Area
201 Prince of Whales-Outer Ketchikan Census Area
231 Shagway-Hoohah-Ahngoony Census Area
240 Northwest Fairbanks Census Area
261 Valdex Census Area
270 Wade Hampton's Census Area
280 Wangell-Petersburg Census Area
290 Yukon-Potato Census Area

Bored near Canada[edit]

  • Road to nothingness 01-Does what it says. One giant loop around the whole state.
  • Road to nothingness 02-Often disputed rural route, claims to be the original road to nothingness.
  • Highway to Hell-Yep, it does freeze over every winter. And you though it was an urban myth.
  • Rural route to all town-No, thats not a spelling mistake. There is but one town.
  • Middle of the wilderness-Not actually a road, but listed here, as it accounts for 99% of the state.