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The novel The Book of Genesis is also available in paperback.
Artist's depiction of God

What follows is a brand new translation into English of the original Greek text of the book of Genesis. This massive translation is being completed by none other than Sanjura Tokehashi, a noted Biblical scholar who has been known for his controversial and sometimes erotic views on Moses.

Chapter One[edit]

  • In the beginning the heaven and the earth were drawn up with God of the book 1st chapter beginning of the standard edition which was corrected.
  • As for two forms and the space, there was dying earth, and the darkness was on the surface of being deep;
  • And mind of God was moving to the surface of the water.
  • God you said, “the light/write which there is” allots; And there was a light/write.
  • And God you looked at that the light/write is good; And God divided the light/write from the darkness.
  • God him Night called the darkness and light day which telephoned. And there was an evening, morning, there were 1 days.
  • And God you said, “does to allot there on midst of the sky water, tries to divide the water from the water that”.
  • And the God sky was made, the water which is under the sky from the water which is on the sky was divided. And so it was that.
  • The heaven of eight and the God sky was called. And there was an evening, morning, there was a 2nd day.
  • And God you said, “it tries to be able to gather the water under the heaven together in one place and tries to appear the land which is dried”. And so it was that.
  • God called the earth of the land which is dried, were gathered together and as for the water which is he Seas telephoned. And God looked at that that is good.
  • As for God, “in the fruit fruit tree kind, following the plant, to type in the earth, each one”.
  • And as for that so there was earth where so it is and that the plant which brings the kind which it withstands you put, it says, does.
  • As for the terrestrial plant, following to itself type, following kind, to type, the wood is kind in the fruit and the plant which it withstands, brings respectively was brought up. And God looked at that that is good.
  • There was evening, morning, there was a 3rd day.
  • And God you said, “the light/write of the sky of the heaven which divides day from the night when there it is allots; If and because of the sign which is it permits those, season and in year, as for and the light/write of the sky of the heaven which gives the light/write to the earth which is those which are allotted”. And so it was that.
  • In order and the light/write and a larger light/write whose God two is large and a little the light/write to control day in order to control the night, it made; He and made the star.
  • In and the God light/write earth, reach to the rule which spans on the 18th and the excess put in place those of the sky of the heaven in order to divide the light/write from the night giving and the darkness. And God looked at that that is good.
  • There was evening, morning, there was a 4th day.
  • And God you said, “the water that tries brings up the crowd of the human and the animal and tries to fly on the earth which crosses the sky of the heaven the bird”.
  • So as for God following to their types, the splendid sea monster and all humans and the animal water which move crowd, and following to type, all it drew up the bird which it flew. And God looked at that that is good.
  • And God those, word were praised, “there is a benefit, increases, and fills up the water of the sea, and tries to increase with the earth the bird”.
  • There was evening, morning, there was a 5th day.
  • And God you said, “the earth following to their types, try to bring up the human and the animal: As for the cow of the earth which you follow type and thing and the animal”. And so it was that.
  • Following to and God their type, following to the earth and their types, and type, the following to the land entirely, it made the animal of the cow. And God looked at that that is good.
  • Then the God “after our resemblances was us who permit the fact that the person of our images is made; And dominant right on the fish of the sea which has those, and the bird, and the excessive cow, and the excessive all earth of the excessive air, and the excess in the earth”. The thing permits all so God the person, was drawn up with his himself image of image of the God where he drew up him; The man and woman him drew up those.
  • And you praised God those, called God to those, “be fill up a benefit, increase, and the earth, and control; And dominant right on bird and excessive fish of sea and excessive air in earth”. It moves, all having lived do to have.
  • And God you said, “there is see, as for me a surface of all earth, and the kind which gives all wood where kind of fruit has been attached all plants which bring; There are those for the food".
  • With all animals of earth and all birds, and the earth of the air the entirely, there is breath of life, entirely, I to give, all green plants for the food. And so it was that.
  • The seeing which and God him made, that is it was very good, but seeing it was.
  • And God said, "Whoa..." in a manner not unlike Keanu Reeves in the Bill & Ted movies (a favourite of God's.)

Chapter 2[edit]

Still in progress is!