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“It's like a masterpiece you can eat or something man”

~ Random Hispanic maan on Tacos

Humble beginnings[edit]

Once Long ago there was The Taco Lad. Now Taco Lad wasn't like you or me, no he was extraordinary. He changed the world in profound ways. Little did the young Taco Lad know he was destined for greatness.

Our story starts long ago in the far off place of Chalupaland. A woman gives birth to a young boy. Once she sees his face she knows immediately what to call the boy. "taco Lad" she let out before falling asleep from her labor. The baby crecendo that echoed throughout the land, an all those who attended marveled, gawked even, at the boys awesomeness. His father who stood there bearing witness to his sons' birth felt the pride rush through his veins.

Early childhood[edit]

Growing up the young Taco Lad spent most of his time with his mother due to the fact that his Father spent all his time working in the muffin mines. Because of his time helping his mother cook Taco Lad became an excellent chef. By the age of 7 he could prepare the Legendary Burrito. A feat few at his time could acomplish. From then on he new this was his calling that he would become the legendary Chef-De-Hispanical.

By age 12 he had mastered the Burrito. They say he could finish making a Burrito before you could even finish saying the word. He was just that could. Life was good for him and his humble family. He knew even from that young age he was capable of fame and fortune, but he did not seek it, until it finally sought him.

El Burrito

The Masterpiece[edit]

He always knew he wanted to create a new dish. Even though he was already a Legend with the Burrito he did not create it. He wanted his own creation. His own masterpiece." A masterpiece you can hold in your hand, and eat it to" He would constantly think to himself.

He knew that the ingredients were all correct but he knew something was missing. One day he sat there eating unsalted corn chips lost in thought, when he had a revelation. "Crunch, it needs some crunch" he proclaimed. And immediately he set off to work.

He worked endlessly for weeks working with his ingredients trying to find his masterpiece. I can't even possibly imagine the amount of livestock that must of died for his ground beef. But there death was not in vain, for they took part in the creation of pure legend, pure delicious legend.

The TACO[edit]

Finally he had decided on what his masterpiece would be. A hard crunchy Tortilla shaped into a U, with its ingredients layered within it. "Finally a masterpiece you can hold in your hand, and eat it too." He said. "But what to call it?" He spent what must have been forever thinking on what to call his culinary masterpiece. One day he finally decided. "I shall give this magical creation my name sake, from hence forth it shall be known as the Taco!!" His declaration echoed throughout the land.

Soon he introduced the Taco to his Burrito hut. Its popularity spread like wild fire. "Its like a masterpiece you can eat or something" you would constantly hear people say. Within a week He received a letter from The Hispanical Awards Comity, inviting him to the Foodies Award show, he had been nominated for a prise, maybe even the prise. He tried his best not to get his hopes too high.


He sat there in his seat at the foodies shaking in anticipation. Every ten years they chose the one, and this was that year. When the time came and they announced his name he near fainted. He walked up to the podium unsure of what he would say.

"Senor Taco Lad, you are culinary Genius, we had no doubt in our minds that you deserve this title, we proudly name you Chef-De-Hispanical. The crowd broke out cheering, every single one of them holding there own Tacos It must have been horrific for the janitors. But for him and his family it was the proudest day of their lives "Thank you all so very much, I will not let you down!" he promised.

The Fast Food Industry[edit]

He soon began construction of a franchise that would center around his creation. He named it after himself and (in honor to the millions of cow deaths it would cause) cows, he called it Taco Bell. It was extremely popular and soon they were being built all around the world. This made the other icons of the fast food industry Very, very angry.