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The title character, as he attempts to take out his frustrations by murdering a helpless butterfly.

Spot the Dog is a book series written by Ernest Hemingway under the pseudonym Eric Hill. The books centers around the titular character spot, a young Golden Retriever who struggles with alcoholism and a shattered sense of masculinity. Spot the Dog showcases Hemingway's hallmark minimalism: "Where's Spot? Is he under the stairs? Is he in the box? No. He's at the bar Sipping whiskey. Sucking on cigarettes. Suffering."

The novel Spot the Dog is also available in paperback.

Book design[edit]

The books are designed to lure in children with their colorful pictures and then subliminally hypnotize and destroy their minds.


  • Spot: The main character of the books, he must deal with his drinking, violent tendencies, and psychiatric problems throughout the course of the epic novels.
  • Everyone Else: The other characters in the books are figures of Spot's imagination as revealed in the lost final issue They were created to populate the world that he goes to in his dreams in order to escape the guilt of murdering his own family.


Ernest Hemingway was his first version of the book:Spot the Leopard.

The first book was published in 1776, and is widely regarded as the key to American victory in the American Revolution. Its story was released in Britian as a form of literature warfare and brought the British to their knees begging for mercy. Since then it has been widely published and distributed to children in order to educate them of American superiority.