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Now Yellow Pong was coming home from work with a great big brass pot in his arms.[edit]

A big ole pile of MSG. Nothing better for a home-cooked meal.

When he saw what was left of all the Game-show Hosts, he said, "Oh! What lovely General Tso's Chicken! I'll take that home to Yellow Ping for her to cook with."

So he put it all into the great big brass pot, and took it home to Yellow Ping to cook with. When Yellow Ping saw the melted "chicken", wasn't she pleased! "Now," said she, "we'll all have chicken for supper!"

"Sure," said Little Yellow Wong. "Let's just eat and ignore the fact that I've wandered buck naked throughout the streets of Tokyo all day. I'd be better off with a schoolgirl costume and a seductive post on Craigslist. Parenting isn't that hard mom. I think a cardinal rule is to not just let me wander off by myself to the middle of nowhere. I'm pretty sure that's a start."

Yellow Ping ignored Little Yellow Wong and got spices, rats rice, and MSG, and she made a huge big plate of most lovely spices. And she fried them in the chicken which the Game-show Hosts had made, and they were just as multi-colored as little Game-show Hosts wearing tawdry little Game-show Host costumes.

And then they all sat down to supper. And Yellow Ping ate Twelve helpings of chicken, and Yellow Pong ate Twenty-Three, but Little Yellow Wong ate a Thousand because nothing goes better with dumplings and fortune cookies than a side of deep fat fried Game-show Host with soy sauce, wasabi, and egg rolls on the side.

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