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UnBooks (most recent) UnAuthor of the Month


There is a guy. He is a seemingly ordinary guy, raising no interest and no suspicion when folks see him pass pass them by, but that is only appearance, only how he seems. He knows things, the truths of which are darker and sharper than the coldest shadows, the sorts of things that will curdle the blood and end all hope, and when he puts them to words, they... become. But he's just this guy, you know? He's Aleister in Chains. In his words, however, lies strangeness.

Vote for UnAuthor of the Month

Author of the Month is an award given to the best UnBooks author around. It is given for high quality works, good books, humor, and humour. The rules are:

  1. A nominee must have written, or done some major work on, an UnBook this or last month.
  2. People cannot nominate themselves, but they can vote for themselves.
  3. People must sign their votes, or their votes will be deleted.
  4. You only get one vote per month.
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  • Place on UnBooks Main Page.
  • A free UnBooks official mousemat Where valid
  • A shiny template: {{AOTM}}
  • Respect of your peers self.

Past Winners[edit]

ShandonDiZMhaille (2) • Electrified mocha chinchillaTodd LyonsModusoperandiHardwick FundlebuggyNeedABrainSannseZombiebaron (2) • MordilloSquiggleUncyclopedianTheLedBalloonThe ThinkerLjlegoJim GroovesterWinstanley1DJ IrreverentSysRqRAHB (2) • The UnIdiotNachladerCap'n BenSycamore (2) • IronLungThe Woodburninator (2) • GuildensternensteinIwillkillyou333Acrolo (2) • StarnestommyAleister (2) • Under user

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