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The {Collaboratory} is a place where you can ask other users to help you with an article. Unlike Pee Review where users are looking for feedback and criticism, this page is about making actual edits to articles. Editing is sometimes more fun when you work in together with others, and on this page you will find articles which need help.

This is not... a page for advertising your articles which are on VFH. For this, we have VFH. Please don't put here articles that need to be proofread! We have a proofreading service!

So what can I put here? Any existent or non-existent article which you are working on right now or have a very serious intention of starting. Use the format shown below, and include a brief comment about the article. If you don't think your article needs much more, and you want someone to give you feedback we have a place for that. It's called Pee Review remember?

Who is hot?

(Last edit • Article • User)

04-06 02:37Ozzfest Destiny Dark Web, White Hat Bot
01-21 00:51Oedipus Rex Rides Again Dark Web, White Hat
08-03 12:47Neighborhood watch Spike
02-18 11:45Badly Drawn Porn Sog1970
08-29 10:04Care Bears Expert3222Bot
07-14 02:27Killer bees Chunkles
02-07 19:53Justice League Europe Un-MadMax
10-23 08:00Mhaille/Uncyclopedia:HUMP Multiliteralist
09-05 19:32Cajek/Christian Rock (Backwards) Multiliteralist
07-16 15:21DotJasperDotNot/Nutella Methamphetamine!
11-01 04:43Regret Tenenbaum/Reservoir Regret Tenenbaum
08-22 17:25Mhaille/Opacity MrN9000

How do I enter a collaboration? It would be best to contact the author of the article before editing, if you don't know what is expected of you and what the conditions of collaboration will be. Some things are obvious - for example, if a page with multiple authors gets featured, every one of them gets half a point in Hall of Shame - but there might be some points needing clarification - for example, will you be allowed to use the article elsewhere than Uncyclpedia when it is finished?

There is a user box {here}. ...oh, and oh... as you have bothered to read all the way here, you can even be allowed to make your article appear in the list on the right if you will need to add this to your article. Use the refresh link to update the list.