Trading Spouses

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The Trading Spouses Trading Card Game offical logo

Trading Spouses is a trading card game based on the popular TV show of the same name.

How to play[edit]

Players: 2 - 4

1 - Each player is dealt 5 'wives', as pictured on the cards themselves

Each wife has a power level based on these conditions:

  • Cooking Ability
  • Housework / Cleaning Skills
  • Sex

2 - Each player then takes turns trading one of their wives for another player's wife

3 - The game continues until the winner wins

The winner wins if one of these conditions is met:

  • They have all five original spouces returned to them
  • The players children start calling one of the players traded spouce 'mum' and/or 'mother'

Limited edition cards[edit]

Throughout the run of the game, limited edition cards were printed. They included gold, silver and the ultra rare sexy variations of cards. Gold cards were the same as the basic card except with a golden border. These cards can go for up to $100 on sites like eBay and the Black Market. Silver cards, like the gold cards, were the normal playing card but with, you guessed it, a silver border. These silver cards were more common so you can only fetch up to about 50 bucks if you're lucky. Sexy cards were cards that instead of having a 'normal' picture of the wive/spouce pictured, it would be either a nude or sexually explicit image of the woman. These cards are extremely hard to find second hand, and those that do surface for sale, are often coated in a thick coat of white stuff. These cards, if bought, will make Wall Street collapse harder than 9/11.