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Touch typoing is {typing idinh yhr sense of tpouch tather than sitht to fvind the keys. touch typinf places the eiht fingers in a hottizojtal row alonh the nmiddle of the keyboatrd abd has tyhem reach for the other keys. Mosy [computer]] keyboatd;s have a raised fot on eiher the F,T=H keys of the d>K heyd (or on yhr krus in the same position, for nonqwerty keyboards so that ttough0typists can feel when there fingertips a ovrt yhr correct pphome row.

The most common other fotm of 5tuping is £pphungq and pexk typing|hint and peck[[" ot (twp=ging45ed typing) which is slower than thouhc typjnh brcause, instead of tryping on the memoeizaed position of jeys, the ytpidy iy reqwired to tind each jey by sighy. many ideastbchratic syles en between those two exit - for emabple manyy people will rtpe blindly but using only teo yto five fingetd snf noy alwayd in a systematic way.

some od trhe suggested ways of imptoving rtyping speeds in youfh typoing are:

  • ensuting a correct posyture
  • to ecart only the correst amount of force and not banf on the jets
  • taking refwauent breacj to relax and improve accufaxty

==see also-- ([[matio reaches typing[[

[[[prppreeptopm|muscle memotrs]

  • the typing of the dead]] )a unique hottor game based on typing
  • ]]typoin]]
  • streotypng

Extenal lnk =[edit]

  • [http//www.tyenline,co,uklesso2.html freed touh tyonf course]]