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“Sometimes I sits and I thinks. Other times I just sits. I guess the former would be the better, if it were not for Big Brother.”

~ Oscar Wilde on Thoughtcrime

“Guys, guys, listen, I've got this great idea for a book...”

~ Oscar Wilde on 1984

“No, it's called "conspiracy to conspire about thinking about thinking about a thought crime". Just turn yourself in now.”

~ Tom Cruise on Thoughtcrime

“Down with Big Brother!”

~ Winston Smith on Big Brother

“I Love Big Brother”

~ Winston Smith on Big Brother

Some people think. It was decided ages ago that they were the scum of the earth, and that by being anywhere near them you would be sent immediately to Hell. Therefore, it was made illegal to think in 1566 and anyone caught thinking is re-educated on how to be a better Party member. It's for the best. If you think, or think otherwise, that is Thoughtcrime.

Thoughtcrime and the Party[edit]

Since the Party revolution, a certain undesirable byproduct of the modernization of society have been working against Big Brother and his will for Oceania. The aforementioned piteous medallions of social excrement are lead by none other than Emmanuel Goldstein and are Thoughtcriminals. Their sole motivation is to ruin the party by polluting our social fabric with lies, perversions, attrocities, and rogue action contrary to the Party's growth and proliferation. It is for this reason that every Party member is encouraged to actively engage in Crimestop, so he or she can instead consider better ways to promotion productivity and allocate precious resources to the war effort.

Thoughtcrime and the War[edit]

As a member of the Party, it is your duty to support the War Effort; any such ideas contrary to supporting the War is Thoughtcrime. It is imperative that all Party members support our troops on the Malabar Front. As we write this article, Minitrue has received reports from Minipax indicating that our troops are breaking through the Eastasian lines in an effort that will crush the Eastasian pigs and indoctrinators of Capitalist . Can we not look upon the War Effort and see what affects Thoughtcrime has upon humanity? At this moment, Oceania is bringing order to the oppressed peoples of Eastasia by liberating them from their captors. But where they not free? Physically, one could consider their existence to be free. But the oppression Thoughtcrime has made Eastasia a morass of beauraucracy, moral interpitude, and a stranglehold of unproductivity. Thoughtcrime, as deciminated from the enemy Goldstein, who is being protected by the Eastasian government, causes these inturpitudes upon humanity.

Thoughtcrime and FicDEP[edit]

One must not associate ideas produced in the Fiction Department (FicDEP)with Thoughtcrime. It is the job of FicDEP to produce materials to be desiminated amongst the Proles to fulfill their lust for illegal content and pornographic necessity. Materials in the FicDEP are Fiction, but they are not of the caliber that any meaning should be considered in their content. FicDEP products do not cause Thoughtcrime, but Thoughtcrime can be committed when one believes that Fiction could be applied to reality, and that any materials produced by FicDEP are superior to the reality the Party afords us.

Crimestop and your Party Members[edit]

If you believe one of your fellow party members is a Thoughtcriminal, REPORT HIM IMMEDIATELY! Thoughtcriminals rip at the moral fabric of all that is good, the prosperity of the Party and INGSOC and everything Big Brother has built for us here on Airstrip One. Every party member should actively engage in Crimestop internally, to make sure he is providing the Party with the best human capital it requires to proliferate INGSOC. But we must also engage in external Crimestop amongst our fellow Party Members. Trust in knowing that Party Members who are turned in for Thoughtcrime will thank you when they are cured of the vile muck which has invested their thoughts. A Thoughtcriminal cannot be blamed for not knowing how to properly love the Party and Big Brother; Goldstein is the culprate of all that violates and rapes the Party of its caring for Party Members.






Let us thank Big Brother for increasing our chocolate to 30 20 grams per week!

Notable Thought Criminals[edit]

  • Winston Smith
  • Syd Barrett
  • Jesus
  • Lawrence (Of Arabia)
  • Robin Hood
  • Indiana Jones
  • Chuck Norris
  • Big Brother