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This article was nominated for deletion on March 16, 2010.
The result of the discussion was Redirect.

If you have come here to complain about Uncyclopedia taking the piss out of your religion, go and read Atheism (religion).

We are proud of the fact that we insult everyone equally...

Hessef, hilarious additions!


  • 1) Thank you.
  • 2) My days of being a Creationist Methodist (yeowch!) weren't completely wasted, eh?
  • 3) If my stuff was funny, it's because I had a good base to start from.

--Hessef 03:20, 24 Aug 2005 (UTC)

Some very cool stuff in the article, thanks for that. It would be also hillarious to have a ranking of stupid religions. Ben T/C 18:30, 2 Dec 2005 (UTC)

Rate this.[edit]

Somebody please rate this article as it was written by a bunch of smart uninfected atheists who have a very good sense of humor.

-Do you expect anything more from the web (aka Amateur Internet Theology)? The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs)

Old article was more funny[edit]

I think the new change isn't as good as the previous article. Religion being an S.T.I isn't as funny as it being a mental illness. Please change it back. The preceding unsigned comment was added by Shade93 (talk • contribs)

OK Puppy... Yea but....[edit]

I searched for religion not God. Also no one seriously actually ever claimed that religion had anything to do with God anyway so I dun get it. Linking to the religion portal directly made more sense to me. Also the only true atheist I know is Stephen Hawking as everyone else figures that whoever started the big bang is God. This just kinda makes us look like we all follow Atheism (religion). Also Stephen Hawking grew up in St Albans which also further proves my point. We should redirect God to Good and Devil to Evil also, but that's a rant reserved for another day. Wait. wtf am I talking about? I think this makes us look a bit narrow minded, and I can see a lot of people finding this and missing that we have Portal:Religion. I don't really care that much but you know... Just saying... MrN Icons-flag-gb.png HalIcon.png WhoreMrn.png Fork you! 02:48, May 8

Yeah, but this article works better as something that people are actually likely to find, and the religion portal is linked from here. That, and the fact that the religion portal is a portal whereas this is at least an article "in the style of". I'd prefer to have had the page locked to stop edits and remain as a redirect, but this way at least there is something here that is different from the portal and is an actual article. I'll probably end up re-writing it one day if I hang around, which is looking less likely as the days pass. And while the etymology on religion varies, one theory is it comes fro re meaning "again", and legere meaning "to read". Having something which causes a double-take tickles my fancy for a religion article.                               Puppy's talk page05:55 08 May