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Sometimes the evidence is so strong it speaks for itself.

Strong Evidence is a technical term, meaning there exists one or some of the following indisputable information sources to back up your claim:

  1. Yourself: The truth stems not from some "external" world, but from your internal perceptions, which are drastically more valid. Look at it this way: you can be sure that you feel that you are touching something (or someone, which may or may not include yourself), but can you ever prove that that is in fact what is occurring? As movies like The Matrix (ok, and probably some unimportant philosophers) have taught us, you can never be sure of anything, and must question everything, and above all, what you feel is right must be right because reality probably isn't.
  2. The internet: Somewhere on the internet, someone wrote a webpage which mentioned this, either fleetingly or in passing, and it corresponds to your internal perception. Everything otherwise is just "flamebait" written by "n00bs" and "bots".
  3. Some guy: You were walking in New York City and you heard a guy and his girlfriend bitching out a hobo. The hobo screams something, and the guy tells the hobo, "Would you please leave us the fuck alone?!"
  4. Your mother's cousin's daughter's buddy's boyfriend's dad's grandfather: Clearly the possibly most reliable source there is. Since this can apply to more than one person, it gets even more trustworthy. Never allow yourself to doubt their word.
  5. The blood of Nicole Simpson found in O.J. Simpson's truck, oh wait let's not forget that bloody glove: Blood of a victim found within a close radius of a potential murderer as well as a long history of wife abuse can be considered strong evidence in some murder cases... some...
  6. Anything Liberals Say: After all, they're liberals.