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The Ultimate White Man in Charge prepares another smiting, in an effort to bring about an act of social change.

Social Change is an approach to understanding how societies change. It is an approach used by Sociology. In general, social change is the theory that the world in controlled by a small group of people, while the majority are tools of that small group. The World System Theory has formalized this approach to argue that White men (WMEN) are the leaders of this small group. Anything that happens in the world is then designed to benefit the WMEN in charge.

White men are not the only ones in this small group. There may be a few men of other colors, or even women occasionally, but these are clearly representatives of the White men in charge.

How the world has changed[edit]

Of course the primary change in our world is the continuing development of Television. When TV was first developed, the main shows were about a benevolent and wise White Father (BWWF) and his family, generally a wife and a few children. The show usually revolved around minor problems the rest of the family had, to be solved by the benevolent and wise White Father.

This family format demonstrated how the world was constructed, according to the BWWF. The United States was the benevolent and wise White Father, and all of the other countries were the children, supervised by the United States, and who's minor problems could be solved by the benevolent and wise White Father - the USA.

Of course today, there are no shows with a benevolent and wise White Father. There are, instead, shows with Black fathers, Hispanic fathers, no fathers, and so on. Where there is a White father, he is generally bumbling, clueless or both. TV is also filled with lots of other types of shows, like 'reality' shows, 'news' entertainment shows, and so on.

All of these shows no longer quite demonstrate how the world is constructed. Instead, they are tools of the White Men in charge. TV now serves to make everyone else (e.g., women and non White men) think they have some control over events in the world. TV also serves to entertain and distract everyone else, so they won't notice that the White Men are still in charge.

Oh yes, there are a number of other things going on in the world, like wars and stuff, but of course TV is the only thing that matters.

Three main stages of society[edit]

World history can be divided into three stages.

  1. The first stage was before TV. During that time, people in different areas did not have instant access to everyone else around the world, so different countries, different regions, different towns and villages all could have their own unique character. They all developed more or less independently, with, of course, some interaction. But more independent.
  2. The second stage, which we are now in, is of course, TV society. In contrast to earlier times, everyone now does have instant access to seeing what everyone else is like everywhere else. So, everyone wants to be just like the the most popular people on TV. Thus, society is now heading toward unity, as everyone strives to be just like the model. The internet has merely increased the homogenization of society.
  3. The TV stage is divided into two sub stages.
  1. The first is the Cronkite stage, named after Walter Cronkite. During this time, one ideal was Walter Cronkite, or those like him: honest, straightforward, full of integrity. Thus, everyone strove to be honest, straightforward, and full of integrity. You could believe what the leaders said, what the reporters said.
  2. The second sub-stage is the one we are now in: the late night entertainment stage. The main purpose of most TV shows is to entertain (and make money for the stations and TV companies). Thus, the ideal that people try to follow is to entertain, even at the expense of, especially at the expense of truth. No one believes in the truth any more. No one thinks of honesty or integrity as useful or important. We live our lives to be popular, to be entertaining and entertained, to be, in short, dishonest, selfish and totally self centered.

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