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Sadly, the highly anticipated 1880's musical was poorly received.

One of the earliest forms of musical entertainment, the first Rock Musicals were performed about 25 000 BC, shortly after the formation of the first rocks.

Notable Rock Musicals include:

  • Tommy, the story of a deaf, dumb, and blind rock. A critical success, the show was a flop commercially because, of course, all rocks are deaf, dumb and blind.
  • Hair, about a group of igneous rocks that dream of one day having furry coats was a huge success. Many theatre goers had opinions of the show similar to that of Enid Labia, who said, "It's shit, but I liked the naked bits."
  • Jesus Christ Superstar - An obscure street performer from Nazareth pisses off the Jewish power structure and gets nailed to a rock. Includes scenes with pole dancers in church - which may or may not have angered the Catholic Church
  • Westside Story
  • Pippin the musical
  • We Will Rock You, in which globalization happens to the extreme and hope is miraculously restored. Which will happen eventually, minus the hope being restored crap.
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