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Red Tape is the procedure of efficiency.
No more be needed to introduce this topic, now just jump ahead to the boldy part.

Prior to reading this article[edit]

Prior to reading this article please fill out Form A4 (Request Permission to Read an Uncyclopedia Article) and initial on the bottom line. Then return the pink copy to office 302, the yellow copy to office 679, the orange copy to office 120, and keep the blue copy. Please wait 24 hours to receive an acknowledgment of receipt from the various offices. Once your request has been approved by all three offices fill out Form B-67 (Acknowledgment of Acknowledgment of Approval to Read Uncyclopedia Article) and return it to office 120 within 24 hours. Once the form is processed you'll receive your license to read an article. You may only read the article for no more then 20 minutes at a time. If you wish to print a copy, please include Form A4.1 (Request Permission to Print an Uncyclopedia Article) with your initial Form A4. If you wish to copy text from the article you need to include Form A4.2 (Request Permission to use Clipboard Functions on an Uncyclopedia Article) with your initial Form A4. Finally if you would like to edit the article, please fill out Form 5D (Request Permission to Edit an Uncyclopedia Article) and turn it into office 480. If you have any questions about this process please fill out Form 8R (Permission to Ask a Question About the Application Process) and return it office 781. Make sure to fully read all forms before signing them. All forms must be signed in the presence of a witness and notarized by a notary public. Thank you for your cooperation.

Finish the forms?[edit]

OK, then proceed to the article. Keep the forms with you!