Rasmuscles from Bruxelles

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Rasmuscles is an extremely powerful fist-fighter found on the northern hemisphere, notorious in Denmark for his exploration of the seven seas and a disillusioning adventure in revolutionizing all known programming languages into one. His excessive body hair, bad temper and well-pumped body have lead to many back ally boxing fights in the New Harbor of Copenhagen, all of them with catastrophic outcomes.

A very rare picture taken of Rasmuscles from Bruxelles getting an overview of his assets while enjoying a some goodies. The paparazzi taking the picture later lost his life trying to escape Rasmuscles' fist of wrath.

Birth and Early Life[edit]

Brought up in a perfect family of four, Rasmuscles found at an early age that his life was not suited for mediocrity. He felt a sudden urge to sail the seven seas, and before long reached every corner of the world. Consequently, he rapidly built up an insatiable taste for promiscuous ladies in every harbour, and it wasn't long before he became acquainted with cocaine, from which he nearly lost his life. Nevertheless, he managed to import mass amounts of cocaine to Denmark, thus making it possible to finance his own usage and cheating death at the doorstep.

A Question of Brutality[edit]

During a short stay in Austria in the 1970's Rasmuscles met a body-builder not yet famous at the time. Within months they had developed a master/apprentice relationship, but by pumping his body consistently he quickly reached a stage where he became a threat to his master. The friendship was lost to a back ally fight lost by Rasmuscles, causing him grief for the rest of his life. On silent nights in Denmark, you can sometimes hear the ferocious battle cry of the Rasmuscles, as he grieves the many difficulties life continues to bring him.

A Vicious Seadog[edit]

Sailing the seven seas has lead Rasmuscles to the aid of the lepers of Parma with a large amount of fertilizers for an almost destroyed crop of dye needed for the production of cocaine. Rasmuscles earned his nickname Bruxelles when aiding the city of Bruxelles in the famous Gouda cheese embargo back in the days. By sailing the narrow Danube river he managed to access the city with his coaster unnoticed by the Dutchmen supplying the city with an large amount of Gouda cheese. His popularity in the city reached its peak when he was granted the key to the city by the mayor. Rasmuscles taste for adventure also lead him to the grand city of Paris where an encounter with the Eiffel Tower resulted in a permanent ban from ever again visiting the sophisticated town nor the country France.

A Quick Retirement[edit]

Due to a life in the fast lane Rasmuscles from Bruxelles had to do an early retirement. He quited his traveling around and settled in the outskirts of Copenhagen. Though he has a body of a seventy year old he still roams the streets and people are not much of staying out later than 11 pm in the weekend because of the beastie assaults he randomly causes. People are aware of the fact that Rasmuscles body is no longer what it used to be, but as they say "Does it matter when the 'Muscles is not aware of it and still rumbles on with his mind of a young and brutal stomber" - The streets has not been safe to wander since his return. The hooker environment in Europe is experiencing a golden age as a result of the 'muscles testosterone fueled adventures, it has never been easier to succeed as a 'ho.

The home of the notorious Rasmuscles located in the outskirts of Copenhagen. The entrance was amazingly clean when the picture was taken. Often beer bottles, empty dime bags and battered and brutalized women are scattered around the entrance

How to Treat[edit]

It is reported that some people actually have made it through an encounter with Rasmucles from Bruxelles. It is might related to all the beer the victims had and threw to make a run, that might have caused Ramuscles to give up his assault and instead throwing his anger on the beer. Nevertheless you need a lot of beer in order to pacify him long enough to get away because he can cope with a lot of fast running on the mixture of cocaine and beer - Don't let the beer run out!