Plaid Cymru

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Plaid Cymru are proud "members" of the Welsh Expansionalist Movement

Plaid Cymru (pronounced Tom Jones) are an imperialist miner's trade union from south Wales. Started by Tom Jones in Cadoxton in 1875, Plaid now has thirty members. The members of this cult speak to each other in a strange, bubbly language called Welsh. The noises of this language are supposed to simulate the squeaking of the mining machinery whilst down in the pits.

London based commentators prefer not to pay them any attention, as they would end displaying their own xenophobia, and inability to speak any languages other than Mockney.

Most of the members (some 85%) are named Jones, of which 64% have moustaches.


There was a battle in the Taffy war between liberals and conservatives over the admission of women and sheep into the union. The war was solved in the battle of bunker hill when the two sides faced off against each other. The liberals took the day in a daring dawn raid that saw them march up to the top of the hill and shag the sheep, settling the matter.

Plaid Cymru and the English Language[edit]

Originally Plaid Cymru had no official name in English. This was intended to prevent the barbarian hordes who lived on the other side of the river Severn from discovering their inner secrets. But over the years, even the miners lost their ability to speak Welsh, so Plaid Cymru were forced with great reluctance to change their name to "The Welsh Party". This was such a success that they have been known as "TWP" ever since.

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