Olsen Twins

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The twins will sometimes perform together like this, and lots of people watch just waiting for them to do this.

The famed Olsen Twins--Ingrid, Mary Kate and Yvette--had by their 16th birthday conquered both the Teen Fangirl market and the Creepy Old Man market, but what had become of them?

Contrary to popular belief, the trio were born identical twins, despite the fact that there is only enough body mass between the three of them to sustain the life of two. Therefore, they share.

The twins became very famous actresses on many TV shows and really no movies to speak of. Then one of them went on the show "Weeds" and sexed it up.

Ingrid, Mary Kate and Yvette

The Fall[edit]

The Twins could not survive one simple fact of life: the eventual turning of 18. Whereupon they immediately lost both fanbases, and the Little Girls saw them as Adults or, as they call them, "Biggers". The Little Girls' leech-like talons immediately unlatched from the Twins and began to seek out new peachy-keen role model material. The Creepy Old Men, also seeing the girls as adults (or, put simply, "legal"), saw no point in continuing to lust after them as they were no longer the forbidden fruit and they no longer possessed the dangerous but alluring cuteness of preteenhood. This gave them the freedom to what was needed and took care of their virginity problem as they got together with the entire crew from Full House for a three day orgy.

Not to be Confused with[edit]