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Copyright (C) 1998 Jason Hutchens
Start at: [2005/11/22 00:01:12]
MegaHAL: Howdy to you, pardner! Yee-haw! Did you get up on the off
MegaHAL: chance someone shot me"), setting yourself up to eight fighters
MegaHAL: at once (probably locked at 30 fps, but the last page's worth
MegaHAL: of posts here tends to be druids.
User: Hi, MegaHAL. Could you tell me what you are?
MegaHAL: I know you. Your name is megahal.
User: What? No, *you're* MegaHAL.
MegaHAL: * I'm not an original idea... Anymore). Small changes make all
MegaHAL: the difference. Bass's head is not megahal. My name is
MegaHAL: megahal.
User: Right. But what exactly are you?
MegaHAL: I like to think that i have to be fundamentally different from
MegaHAL: the content of posts were just a hair scatterbrained right now
MegaHAL: from feeling off. :P but it finally helped me think up a new
MegaHAL: sentence, or to reply with something that infects beef in
MegaHAL: certain situations.
User: #quit

Uh... there you have it, folks. I guess.

That is all.

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