Manhunt (video game)

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The gameplay shows James Earl Cash showcasing a blue classified tutorial named "Machete The Gruesome Way".

Manhunt is an educational game made by Rockstar Games teaching children about how to murder people.

Tutorial variants[edit]

Yellow: Yellow ones are the easiest to take care of. Recommended for children under the age 3.

Green: These are the ones where it gets harder. Children will learn how to use improvised weapons such as: a glass shard, barbed wire, a plastic bag, and a wooden spike.

Blue: Blue is the variant about hastiness, speed and stealth. There's even a claim that "Your victims can't see you in the shadow"; it was quickly disproved.

Red: Red is all about heavy objects, weapons, and aiming. This is the part where you bear the risk of being a n00b.


James Earl Cash: He is the teacher in the game. According to James, life is all about men-hunt and wo-men-hunt.

Early design of James Earl Cash.

Lionel Starkweather: Lionel Starkweather, or just Starkweather, is the fat principal. He is a sick fuck that loves watching children kill each other.

Innocentz: These are the metalheads of the school. They think they are depressed. However other students love annoying them.

Hoods: They are sworn enemies of the Smileys: Skinz and Cerberus. They act like punks but calling them "punk" is an understatement. They are jealous about Smileys Skinz and Cerberus because of their high grades.

One of the Hoods.

Smileys: Smileys are nerds around the school. They are sneaky bastards. They love masturbating to yaoi.

Skinz: Also known as geeks, they are the most famous kind of students in the school because of their weird attraction to anime. According to their parents, they live at their computer desk and watch anime all day long without so much as going to the bathroom. Instead of using toilets their parents give them diapers.

Cerberus: These chumps only care about physical education. Their mouths smell like dump — just like their lives.

Wardogs: These are the zoo-ish preppies of the school. Their lives depend on money. They can give their asses for money. Also they can be seen bullying children for money.