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Roberto Carlos and the incoherent taxobox
Scientific classification
Phylum São tantas emoções!
Class Alzheimer
Order Amputees
Family Elvii
Genus Lonely
Species widower
Binomial name
Multus obligatus
Primary armament Roses
Secondary armament Bewitches you with that charming old man voice
Power supply The love of old ladies
Health Much affected by his absurdly old age
Mana Não faço ideia (I have no idea)
Strength Not much
Intelligence Forgetting
Weight Skeletal
Length Either hangs out with tall women, or he's kinda short.
Special attack Jumps hopscotch with you on his one leg
Conservation status
File:Roberto Carlos - Jesus Christ 1971

So here it is, the incoherent lyrics.[edit]

(refrain x3)
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ, take care of me!

Over my head the clouds
Are running on in the the blue sky
While on the sad who are worn
Life is so harder and people cry
Like the clouds above
Everybody here has gone astray
But he can show them how
To better find the right way

“Adele, will you marry me? Then we can be "rolling in the deep" together.

~ Roberto Carlos Braga on liking fat ladies


Everybody I see
Feels so much love and cries for peace
All those who could do war
They hope it's great and never cease[1]
Seeing the flowers blooming
Between the stones of ourselves the soil[2]
My heart it feels the hopes
That anything can't destroy


Everyone that I meet
Blood and brothers will do so help
Trying to find the people
Who truly care enough to change the world
May God grant this crime
Of raising the prison of day to day[3]
So that the loves that be are raised together
And together play

(refrain, infinty-million times)

What the fuck does this even mean? Was he Bat Fuck Insane when he wrote this song? And these are the exact lyrics, too.

More incoherence[edit]

Even more incoherence[edit]

At this point I don't know what the Hell I'm talking about, so Have a nice day.

  1. Hope what is great? The war? What is it that never ceases?
  2. "Between the stones of ourselves the soil"? So now we are stones? No, he was stoned.
  3. That was