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This page is currently a work in progress belonging to Inorian.

If you wish to collaborate with me, please say so here as any edits to this article without my knowledge may be ruthlessly deleted or shamelessly plagiarised. YOU ARE WARNED.

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Hello there. You seem like an average run of the mill uncyclopedian to me. Would you like to become an uberawesome Uncyclopedian?

You would?

Would you like to have people looking up to you, wondering how you became so awesome?

You would?

And would you like to be featured on the front page every day?

You would?

Well then look no further, for I will explain, in an idiot-proof way, the easiest and undoubtedly bestest way to become a prominent Uncyclopedian.

You are about to plagiarise other user's stuff.

A brief definition[edit]

Plagiarism: Theft, nicking, stealing, robbing, purloining, pilfering and plagiarising. And maybe some more pilfering.

You: Don't ask me. Ask you.

Other Users: These are people you may find all over the place. Mostly whoring themselves out on VFH to get their articles featured. You will not need to do such things, as by stealing their stuff you will steal their awesomeness, therefore the more you steal the more awesome you become. The exact maths is seen below.

A couple of examples of users include myself, this article's author and your temporary deity, Inorian. One particularly prominent member is Mahille, who is an admin and could ban your ass, unless you steal so much stuff your awesome is more than his awesome(which is pretty awesome). Everyone knows that admins can only ban people less awesome than them. It's an ego thing.

Stuff: A brief explanation of stuff can be found here. Study well. Knowledge is power.

Plagiarising stuff[edit]

Now, plagiarism can hardly be committed if you do not plagiarise anything. Plagiarism has a few inherent risks, such as people demanding to know why you nicked their stuff, the admins banning you(see above), or possible implosion from awesome overload. Plagiarising stuff is done best by finding something you like(ie, that is shiny), and nicking it. Of course since this is an online wiki, nicking is slightly different that shoving a load of packs of chewing gum up your sleeves at Woolworth's. That's right I saw you!

First steps:Stealing a user page[edit]

In order to nick properly you have to have style and finesse. Or at least, those are the things you must steal first. Now, the easiest thing to steal is a userpage. Many people base theirs on the main page. This is so uncool it could rot your brain, as you'd be nicking something that has already been nicked, therefore inverting the awesome influx to the awesome centre of your brain, thereby reducing your awesomeness and risking you getting cancer of the awesome. You following this?

Find an original user page. Don't ask me for examples. If you must you can view the ones of the users I listed up above and steal theirs. that means you proceed to their page, click edit, then ctrl-a to select, go to yours, click edit and press ctrl-v to put that all in there. click save.

Now, at any point in the user page where the egotistical bastards have put their own name, replace it with your own. With any articles that they claim to have written, replace them with ones of your own, or, if you have failed to make any, replace them with any random article you like. Make a note so that you steal this article later.

You may wish to change the colour scheme of your new user page. Rather than learning how to do it yourself you should browse around people's user pages until you find one with the colour you want, then edit it and find any piece of wikicode with 'color' in it. Copy and paste this into your user page. It doesn't matter where.

Now that you have an awesome user page set up, with all funky coloring and advertising articles that are not yours but you claim to be yours, it is time to make them yours.

Second steps(or next steps, or later steps): Stealing an article[edit]

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This stage is somewhat harder than the last, since people don't really care about their userpages too much since there is no award or rank to be gained from them. When stealing articles they tend to jealously guard their 'work'.