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A time machine can be useful anywhere in this place ... I will show you how to build it in five minutes!


  • 2 rocket
  • 1 lighter
  • A skateboard
  • A clock
  • A flow dildo *****
  • A computer (yours is perfect)
  • Plutonio
  • Cellophane

Step by step[edit]

You have to go through this funnel bujero worm or come out in time and space without spilling droplets unknown

Step 1: Learn physics for ten years[edit]

We recommend the University of planchazo for a possible investigation as deficient or school of clown Krusty the clown. This last school, you will see the number on a billboard on the highway. The word derives from the physical physos Greek word that means nature. Physics is the science that deals with the fundamental components of the universe, the forces they exert on one another and the effects of these forces. Well, you study physics to do your bloody Time Machine.

Step 2: Work five years in an engineering workshop[edit]

aid probably need

Need to explore mechanisms to make the condenser flow "because it is the main component of the time machine in the words of its inventor," is what makes time travel possible. "

  • Performance: It is unclear exactly how the flux capacitor. It consists of a small box with three very cool twinkling incandescent lamps, arranged in the form of "Y", and located above and behind the copilot's seat of the time machine, a car De Lorean DMC-12. When the car is approaching at a speed of 140 km/h, the light emitting lamps flash condenser flow faster, as if a machine jackpot to cast a steady light. The body of the stainless steel De Lorean produce the dispersion of the flow "when the capacitor is activated.
  • How do you like the idea of consoling flow: Hit your head in the toilet trying to slip when trying to hang a clock up in the bathroom in the toilet. The idea will happen when you wake up as a state of unconsciousness. If you do not in that order, maybe just a shock and a bump.

Step 3: raise funds for fifteen years[edit]

You will need a few state legislatures to fund appropriate reserved. When the currency devaluation is low and you'll have more time to raise money

The quickest way to raise money is to steal, swindle, embezzle ... but we recommend you to cover all these political and branches. In case of failure in this, to marry a rich woman and if possible to be very old, as old as possible.

Another method is as follows:

There is a science to get rich, and is an exact science, like algebra or the math. There are certain laws which govern the process of acquiring wealth; once these laws are learned and obeyed by any man, he would benefit from a mathematical certainty.

The possession of money and the features come as a result of doing things a certain way, the things that make this a way, either intentionally or accidentally, get richer, while those who do not do things that some so, no matter what or how they work force capable of being, remain poor.

It is a natural law that certain causes produce certain effects and, therefore, any man or woman who learns to do things in this certain way, inevitably will be enriched for that ...

Step 4: to continue studying the way[edit]

Hole you get the salts and know where to go

Set hole a worm that allows a fairly rapid interstellar travel between a site near the Earth, and a black hole or a neutron star, which burns a little. The more time passes there will be more time difference between one end of the worm and hole another. The end in the black hole will then be in the past the framework of the Earth. I still ?...¡ then stop or call the cops!

Hole trip through the worm to the neighborhood of the black hole. This part is extremely dangerous and should be very careful not to be swallowed by the gravitational field of the extreme black hole. Move a little and down a worm hole to be the first nearly complete hole worm, which is after the second roundabout turn left.

As with the new worms bujero times are more or less simultaneous with the return to earth again by the second worm hole and voila! You are in the past of the Earth and can watch their own birth or avoid this error so shameful that it has never been forgotten.

Step 5: Construction[edit]

Hey, your time machine in just five minutes
  • Get the two rockets on the computer, like our head ...
  • Putting the clock where the clock must be either wrist, hand, wall, toy, bath, or those who place where there where there is that thing there for a watch ... either, ¡¡¡fuck!
  • Ignite the rocket lighter, you fool

Step 6: construct two time machines[edit]

take a friend to travel with you at the same time, and I surrender to your last one five minutes after you like the idea and return with your friend on the other. Bual, your time machine in just five minutes. Enjoy and do not change anything in your travels.