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This is a serious guide on creating a HowTo article. It is a quick draft that will be finished once the templates and pages are finalized.

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Creating the article[edit]

Basically, just create the article the same way you would any other article, but in the HowTo: namespace. To create an article in a different namespace, just link to it from another page. For example, [[HowTo:Tie your shoes]]. One important tip is this: users of HowTo articles appreciate a degree of patronising language. They find it helpful to be talked down to, it helps them learn HowTo do what ever they want to learn HowTo do.

Tip template[edit]


Use left or right to choose where the tip goes (language).

You can use the {{tip||}} template anywhere on the page to add a tip. The first option is left or right, and the second option is the tip. For example, {{tip|right|Use left or right to choose where the tip goes.}} appears as on the right.

HowTo template[edit]

Finally, add the {{HowTo}} template somewhere on the page. This not only adds a link back to the main page, but it also takes care of the category.

Recent HowTos[edit]

You should also add a link to the page on the "Recent HowTos" on the main HowTo page. This process will be simplified soon, until then you will have to find the place in the HTML.


And make it funny, won't you.

This article is part of Uncyclopedia's HowTo series.
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No, not that kind of stub!

A stub is an overly-short or incomplete article that needs to be expanded before it can truly be called a definitive treatment of its subject matter. Stubs are one of the many banes of Uncyclopedia's existence. So, why not learn how to create one?

Step 1[edit]

Come up with a great page name. The name you choose should be catchy and witty; a play on words that leaves the reader wanting to read more, while inducing at least a chuckle just by itself.

Step 2[edit]

Come up with about two legitimate (or semi-legitimate) sub-headings. The sub-headings don't have to be anything special, but they should build on the clever title of the article and should show what direction the article is heading (or would head, if the lazy author would just sit down and finish it).

Step 3[edit]

Write a sentence or two under each sub-heading. These need be even less legitimate than the sub-headings themselves, but they still cannot be pure nonsense. They should, along with the sub-headings, elicit one more laugh from the reader.

Step 4 (Optional)[edit]

Add a picture. One - no more, no less.

Step 5[edit]

Add the stub label at the bottom of the "article" you have created and wait for more industrious, comedic and talented cyberspace authors to come and breathe real life into your work. P.S. - This won't happen.