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So you're dead, Shit happens. That's not good is it... or is it? Did you die of old age, happy and fulfilled? Or did you commit suicide? If you did kill yourself you better get your sob story ready because St. Peter is a grouchy old sod, that said, I wouldn't let someone dressed like you in if it was up to me, there is no place for "Bling bling" or looking "Gangsta" in the kingdom of the eternal.

So how did you go? Suicide? You look like the sort to me. I don't care anyway, it's between you and the man with the halo and wings by the gates over there. Not to worry though the worst that could happen is that you end up in hell, not such a bad place I spent a few hundred years there myself due to a

Nice guy, bit mean

"clerical error" and the fact I used to play badminton with Hitler. If you're into being impaled on pretty much anything you could think of and roasting on furnaces that have burned for thousands of years while listening to a perpetually looped tape of Mull of Kintyre, you might even enjoy it.

It may take a few thousand years to meet St. Peter go on join the end of the line.

Waiting in line[edit]

Now this is one long line of people who have died and came here and died again while waiting in the line how is that even possible. I heard heavens a nice place I haven't been there because I went to hell for pushing that old lady out of the way but some guy saved me then said "achievement unlocked bitch" I'm sure there's some reason but that's not important famous people in this line look there's Michael Jackson walking the hell line oh hey there's Jade Goody following Michael seems to be a lot of famous people walking by.

Few thousand years later[edit]

St. Peter: No killing yourself for the holyland for thousand virgins does not mean you will go to heaven it means you will go to hell and sleep with thousand fat world of warcraft players who have never got laid.

Terrorist: Where is Allah?

St. Peter: Not here, Now go to the hell line, NEXT

You: Hi

St. Peter: Name?

You: <insert name here>

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St. Peter: You died on 1 December 2023?

You: Yeah that's right

St. Peter Go on then knock and see if god will let you in.

The knocking part[edit]

You lift your hand grab the knob on the door and tap it three times that wasn't so hard was it what you think this was going to be a 3 page about how to knock on a door get real.