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A horizon feasting on a passing star. Usually, a horizon feasts just once every 24 hours.

The horizon is a visible line dividing blue and brown.


Developed in 1987 by the physicist Steven Hawking, the horizon allowed people to know which way was up and which way was down. The invention of the horizon led onto many great discoveries including the discovery of gravity, the ability to stop floating and furthermore an interesting word which could be used if you're an artist. Further advancements came a year later when Sir Alan Partridge noticed that the horizon defined a boundary between Earth and sky, previously there had been a problem of figuring out where exactly the sky was and thus further development on the worlds first aircraft had been halted.

The horizon also gave a use to the mysterious spirit level which had been completely useless until then.

Suspect in the 1989 horizon bombings was sentenced to death after causing major confusion when part of the horizon was blown out of proportion thus causing large quantities of people to suffer from the affects of LSD.


Although many artists use the horizon to draw various landscapes it is most commonly used by rainbows as a place in which they can walk along. Before the invention of the horizon many rainbows ended up at inconvenient locations such as on major roads causing tailbacks.

In 2002 a formula was derived by William Wallace. In the spur of the moment he unified the horizon to brain damage. Many disregarded his formula as false but many many more agreed that this was the biggest discovery of all, only coming second to the discovery of the name of the meteor which caused the extinction to the galapougous child of 1200BC.

In the early 1990s Soviet Russia designed a new horizon which was more powerful than the first this was thought of as a declaration of war as both sides knew that the horizon could potentially be used as a means to launch a nuclear weapon from one side of the globe to the other in a matter of seconds. The war was forgotten about and the new soviet horizon was abandoned, it is now used as a means of travelling from one side of the globe to the other.


Unfortunately not all liked the existence of the horizon and in 1984 Eugene Victor Tombs acquired UN backing to take down the horizon. Eugene Victor Tombs is still currently in search for the horizon, equipped with a ladder he has currently circumnavigated the globe 12 times in a desperate search for the horizon. Most physicists agree now that the horizon CANNOT be taken down and that BEEF is the only substance which can be taken down.

Criminals and the Horizon[edit]

A British faggot named Oliver Sykes and his butt-buddies wanted the horizon for themselves for their own sick plans. Thus he posted a seven-million pound bounty on the horizon, clearly stating "Bring me the horizon". Most people know, however, that his request is impossible for reasons mentioned in the above paragraph. However, all 3 retards who actually listen to deathcore took them up on their offer and can be constantly seen jumping and grasping for the horizon while others point and laugh at them for falling for such a stupid joke.