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A typical Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

The Harley-Davidson, sometimes called the Fagmobile, is the signature vehicle for effeminate men. It is the Number One sign that its rider is gay, except for attending Barry Manilow concerts.


A pretty messed-up Harley Davidson tattoo

Harley Davidson, for whom the vehicle is named, announced his invention saying, "Not only will this spectacular vibrating junk invention change our nation, but it will ensure the early death of my daughter's boyfriend, who is secretly gay anyway."

When the first line of the rattling motorcycles (named "The Indian that got raped" in order to again assert our technological superiority over the other gay motorcycle group (Honda) went into production, they were soon recalled due to a fatal design error costing 160 unfortunate ass beatings when the gays were seen on the loud bikes people threw sausages and other gay foods at them until they fell of and scraped there elbos they then let there infants kick the shit out of the Harley Riders. "The problem was that whenever you rode at night, the front candle kept blowing out and they couldnt see the gay protesters. Not only could people not see the motorcycle, but the rider couldn't see what was in front of him," said the duo. "We corrected this problem by replacing them with these new 'light bulb' contraptions."

In 1908, The new "Indian" was an impressive machine utilizing a revolutionary 1000cc V-twin steam engine with a whopping 8 mile an hour top speed. This would eventually be replaced in 1909 with an internal combustion engine bringing the horsepower to 800 with a top speed of 412 miles an hour and a penis shaped seat.

"It finally killed my daughter's boyfriend!" exclaimed Harley cheerfully.

Today Harley-Davidson not only leads the nation in unreliable two wheel junk production, but also owns 4 states (Iowa, Kansas, North Umbria, and Utah), is responsible for 86% of total human sexual intercourse and 96% of misspelled tattoos. To date, H-D motorcycles have killed almost 2 million stupid boyfriends. Thank you, Harley-Davidson.

Years later the kick-start bike was invented when, while attempting pushstarting the stupid thing, a very pissed off Harley jumped on the bike pedal to bust it off and the engine fired right away. Of course when he tried to show it to Davidson, it threw him completely over the bars. (Ignition advance hadn't been invented yet).

Red-letter years[edit]

1907 model.
  • 1903: Bill Harley and Arthur "Davidson" McChinkyass kill cross-town shade tree rival James Polanski and steal his motorized bicycle. They repaint the gas tank.
  • 1964: Harley-Davidson ceases all domestic motorcycle production in favor of producing more profitable T-shirts. Assembly lines are sold to AMF who build snowmobiles or some shit.
  • 1975: Harley-Davidson starts rival motorcycle company Honda®, ensuring they get your money no matter which brand you buy
  • 1976: Harley-Davidson sells its 1 billionth T-shirt.
  • 1977: Time traveling prankster John Titor brings 10,000 norse vikings from 1042 to Sturgis. The Hells Angels are formed.
  • 1984: Style-monger Willie "G" Davidson snorts 56 grams of cocaine and designs the Super-Glide. AMF is sick of replacing everything under warranty and sells Harley-Davidson® to Kawasaki Heavy Industries, who then replace the chain-drive with a belt made from spider-silk and yarn.
  • 1986: The Evolution® powered Sportster® model is introduced to the public as an April Fool's day prank. Nobody on the board seriously thought anybody would buy a bike designed to be more disposable thasn a Bic® lighter.
  • 1988 Sales rise sky high after the dealers started promising it would never rain again.
  • 1991: Terminator 2 premiers. Harley-Davidson stock climbs to $52,061/share.
  • 1998: Harley Davidson releases the Twin Cam motor with the same gay crankshaft design they've had for decades with one minor exception, they decided to save money on the keys and just press the crank pin in place. This caused flywheels to walk a bit on some bikes and cost the owners thousands of dollars at relatively low miles. This on top of the thousands more spent to say, "I own a Harley."
  • 2002: Harley finally work out how to let an engine rev properly - the V-Rod is born. By Caesarian section, no less!
  • 2003: Harley celebrates 100th Anniversary. Elton John headlines at celebratory party after Oscar Wilde cancels due to scheduling conflict.
  • 2004: Harley David's Son, a group of Christian motor-cyclists first goes ridin' for Jesus
  • 2006: H-D celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Sportster® -- and introduces the Limited Edition Sportster® Commemorative Bic® lighter for just $59.95.
  • 2007: Harley upgrades its Big Twins to 95 cubic inches with a six-speed transmission in an effort to offer more value to customers. Competing models from Mack, Peterbilt, and Kenworth still offer more power...and better handling.
  • 2008: Harley-Davidson opens $600 million Museum in Milwaukee in an attempt to prop up lagging sales. Motorcycles can now move directly from factory to Museum, eliminating bothersome "customers" from marketing plan.
  • 2009: Willie G Davidson is honoured by the Harley davidson owners group as the preisdent of fags, he is seen with fellow fag Paul Sr. of OCC and they share a twin headed dildo with their bungholes. the harley davidson manufactured dildo was later recalled due to poor quality performance.

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