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 DIEEEEEE!!! Score: 6 Moves: 0.013

> kill the hag

Are you sure about that? I mean...
> I don't care! Just kill the stupid hag!

You don't take a step forward and the ground doesn't open up beneath you. You don't find yourself falling into blackness. You don't shut your eyes, but when you don't open them, you are on a tiny desert plateau surrounded on all sides by cliffs (because you didn't move). There are several people there with you who look as generic and adventury as you do. One of them is a woman, but she is really ugly and has a beard. They are singing a song, which, now that you think about it, really isn't that good any-
> What the hell?

Fine. You attempt to kill the hag...
> Yes!

...who reveals themself to be Michael Jackson!

Michael Jackson uses Rape for 666 damage!