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 Therapy Session Score: 6 Moves: ?

> contact a therapist to recover from trauma

You magically summon a therapist, using 100 MP. The therapist manages to cure your trauma, but doesn't heal any of the rape damage. However, the therapist decides to join your battle party!
> check stats

You: HP: 334/1000 MP: 100/200

Therapist: HP: 200/200 MP: 50/50

Michael Jackson: HP: ???/??? MP: ???/???

It is now Michael Jackson's turn. He starts to sing!
> Holy crap!

The therapist tries to run away, but her head explodes from the horrible sound! You are strong enough to withstand the singing, but you are still damaged for 100 HP.

It is now your turn again, and it seems you are roughly one raping away from being destroyed.