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"So, you want to kill... THE GRUEBOT!!!"

You stumble about as you watch the electricity flicker on and off.

"Sorry, our electrician sucks."

Electrician.... Electriacian! You suddenly remember your childhood days, watching your daddy fix the wiring. You admired his work, but one day he tested out a lantern on that weird house down the street. You never saw him again...

"Anyway, remember Gill Bate's robot from your previous encounter with him? It turns out that he had plans for a second Gruebot, and it is almost done being developed as we speak. You better hurry and destroy it as soon as you can!"

You snap out of your trance, remembering alot about wiring.

> Get in robot

What robot? The Gruebot? The Anti-Gruebot? WHAT??

> Get in anti gruebot


> Go to Gruebot

Your robot turns into a sleek looking jet, it powers up.

You prepare yourself.

> GO!

You suddenly realize that you have no idea how to fly a jet.