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You enter the cheat code. You are magically teleported into a laboratory with a large cool-looking robot inside. There is also a hazmat suit. A few scientists are working on different panels with colourful looking buttons.

> Wear hazmat suit

You wear the hazmat suit.

> Get in robot

You hop into the cockpit of the Anti-Gruebot, unless you were already in it, in which case you stay in the cockpit. The head scientist hands you a spare list of targets that the Anti-Grue Resistance Front needs to take out. You can never have too many lists. You notice that the Supreme Commanders of the creatures you had to put up with in the first two games are also in this list.

You feel like this room is the focus of several time portals.

Pick one of these to get started. If any of the links are red, feel free to make up some stuff.

At the end of each adventure, add a code and a link back here.